Hi, I'm Tori! 
I am a highly motivated designer with a strong passion to design for good. A few of my skills include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Figma. I also have excellent time management and organizational skills to help guide me through each design process.

I am a recent graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in Communication Design.

As a child, I was always known to be very artistic by my friends and family. Art was my favorite subject, I doodled on just about every handout given to me, and I even won a coloring contest for the local newspaper just before I began kindergarten. As time went on, the doodles turned to drawings and the drawings turned into paintings; when I realized I could turn this passion into a career, I began my first two years at Northampton Community College majoring in Communication Design: New Media then continued my education journey at Kutztown.

During my time at Kutztown, I started to take an interest in appealing, user-friendly, and cohesive designs which sparked my interest to dabble in the world of UI/UX. I’ve become familiar with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, and Visual Studio Code. These tools helped me create one of my favorite projects to date- an app prototype. For this project, I had to build branding sheets, personas, scenarios, wireframes, complete user testing, etc. This process was long and meticulous, but it displayed great results. I hope to create more projects like this in my future career.

My soft skills helped shape me into the designer I am today. My ability to maintain organization throughout the project process, problem-solve, and allocate time and resources are the staples of my work ethic. It’s always fulfilling to know I’ve given my all when completing a design project and hope to continue and strive to be a better designer.

Lastly, I have a new passion for photography. 
Check out my photography page to see some special moments I've captured!
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