Have you ever heard of ‘Moon Devil’ the underground cave bar? That is because it does not exist… until now. This 360º campaign highlights all the branding elements including design identity, advertising, and interactive. Located in Kauai, Hawaii, Moon Devil attracts vacation-goers over the age of 21 with a dark, yet vibrant aesthetic where they can enjoy hoppy IPAs from our in-house brewery and a collection of high-end gourmet cocktails created by the world’s #1 mixologist. We value a genuine, team-oriented, fun, and creative atmosphere. Come join us on your next Hawaiian vacation to experience what the hype is all about! 
Interactive: Figma Website Prototype & (Mock) Projection Mapping

Figma Prototype

Design Identity: Menus, Merch & Package Design​​​​​​​

Advertising: Airport Mockups, Plane Wrap & Social Media Posts​​​​​​​

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