If you love to cook and you love to road trip, Thyme Traveler web app is the way to go. Exclusive to central Europe, this web app lets you combine two of your favorite activities by traveling to learn how to make a variety of cultural dishes. From a hearty Goulash in the Czech Republic to spicy pork and sauerkraut in Germany, you will even get to pick your own fresh ingredients and learn how to incorporate them into your dish! Thyme Traveler helps you stay organized while planning your trip, and when you are ready to hit the road, you can track your progress on the progress tracker page. Lastly, you can share your experience on the community page and save other travelers’ recipes.  
I wanted my design to take a more artistic approach by using watercolor and hand-drawn/sketch effects made in Procreate.  Through multiple stages of development and user testing, this web app prototype was built to be user-friendly with strong organization, color-coded keywords, mobile-friendly/responsiveness, and readable font choices. 
For educational purposes only.
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