You may be thinking to yourself, “I wish there was a Door Dash or Uber Eats for my sweet-tooth cravings only”. Well, now there is! Introducing Dolly’s Pastry Shop App where you can ship gourmet desserts right to your door without the hassle of going out to buy the ingredients and then having to deal with the baking/clean-up process afterward. With this app, you can schedule deliveries same-day or ahead of time, track orders through geolocation, earn coupons with every order, or even ship anonymously. This app was built for anyone to use with its user-friendly design.  
For the branding/design behind this app prototype, I used a simplified color palette of a muted periwinkle/purple and white, complimentary serif and san serif fonts: Bodoni 72 Old-style and Coco Gothic light/bold, and illustrated cohesively styled icons to bring to life the aesthetic I had planned for the (hypothetical) pastry shop. 
For educational purposes only.
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